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Beeswax Melts - Lavender Linen
Beeswax Melts - Lavender Linen

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Wax melts can be found in many places, but you will never find any like ours. We love the concept of flame-free fragrance delivery and wanted to take it even further. Instead of filling your air with toxins you can now fill your air with phthalate-free fragrance AND negative ions. The delivery system is our exclusive blend of natural beeswax and organic coconut oil.

These wax pieces are hand poured and stored in a copper-colored steel tin.

This fragrance is made up of Lavender, Linen, and Vanilla.

Negative ions are the opposite of what you would think. They are an extremely positive thing. Negative ions attach themselves to positive ions and drop them from the air. Positive ions are the byproduct of electronics, high winds, and pollution, along with some common household items like carpet. If you have ever felt irritable and undone by persistent winds you have felt the effect of positive ions. Positive ions carry dust, mold, and allergens. When you breathe them in it is believed that they can exacerbate asthma, and make you feel tired, tense, depressed, and irritable.

These melts will not knock you out with headache-inducing megafragrance. They are more subtle and sophisticated. You always control the amount of fragrance by selecting the number of melts you want to use in your melting device.

As the wax melts the fragrance is released. When you turn the device off it will return to its solid state. Very little wax evaporates. When, over time, the fragrance begins to wane, you can pop the cooled melts out of their melting cup. You will find these products to be extremely long lasting.

Electric wax melting devices use the warmth of a light bulb or other heating element to melt the wax. Most of them have an on light or even a lighted column that give you the feeling of having a candle lit. The proper device for the Wickless Candle would be one of the following styles:

Wax Melt Warmer uses cup or tray for Melt pieces

Plug-in Wax Warmer more compact for use in bathroom

See our Twitter account for recommended warming devices.

2 oz. wax in tin

Please avoid tea-light warmers because they produce unnecessary toxins and fire danger.

Warning: Do not leave warmer unattended. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not add water, do not melt on stove top or in non-approved appliance. Use away from flammable materials.

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